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Simpson Meadows Loves Veterans

Many real-life heroes have chosen to make their home at Simpson Meadows — a place where veterans can enjoy a lifestyle filled with freedom, meet up with friends and family who share the common bond of service, and be comfortable in a supportive environment that anticipates the needs of its residents. To honor our veterans, […]

Lessons from Julia Child on Mastering the Art of Aging.

Some believe that our best skills come by us naturally and start early. In reality, we can successfully take on new interests, skills, and hobbies at any age. Just look at Julia Child, the famed dame known for her bright personality and delicious French-inspired recipes — but did you know her first cookbook wasn’t published […]

Respite care: It could be your holiday gift to yourself!

This holiday season, you’re finally taking that trip to someplace warm. Or, you noticed that your parents did not seem to be quite themselves at Thanksgiving. Or, as the year draws to a close, you realize how many little things you never got around to, “just for you.” Those scenarios — and dozens of others […]

A longer, healthier life: Myth or goal?

Everyone who studied American history in school knows about the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon and his search in the early 1500s for the Fountain of Youth in what is now the state of Florida. It was believed that anyone who drank from or bathed in the fountain would have his or her youth […]

The best steps toward mental and physical health may just be … steps.

You’ve seen them in their clean white sneakers striding around the mall long before the stores open. You’ve seen them walking hand-in-hand through the neighborhood, or with their faithful companions at the dog park. Who are they? They’re seniors who’ve already discovered the amazing health benefits of walking. For example, did you know that inactivity […]

How Assisted Living is healthier living

Everyone says you’re doing an amazing job of helping an older adult you really care about. You visit regularly, bringing along treats, books, music, movies, maybe even the occasional adorable pet or grandchild. And, you do it all with love and good cheer. But, are there days when you don’t really feel all that amazing […]

Memory loss: It’s on everyone’s mind.

Did you know that July 22 was “World Brain Day?” This year the medical community focused its attention on the aging brain at the World Federation of Neurology Conference in London. During the meeting, a host of advancements in research and treatment were unveiled and discussed, including the proven benefits of running on cognitive function […]

Make the right decision for continuing care

Some decisions in life are more difficult than others. One of the toughest is finding a retirement community that meets the needs for a parent or loved one who is struggling with the basics of everyday living. Choosing the right type of community is important because you want to make sure that your family member […]

Timing is almost everything. (Talking helps, too.)

Do you remember wondering if it was the right time to get married? To have your first child? To buy your first home? Lifestyle choices after retirement can also present new opportunities and positive change. Some people decide it’s time to live closer to grandchildren, while others just want a change of scene or climate. […]

The 3C’s of Assisted Living

Concept Assisted Living was created to bridge the gap between Independent Living and Skilled Nursing by providing higher levels of care. As individual care needs change, seniors are able to remain in their homes for longer periods of time. Construction Designed for maximum independence, Assisted Living residences are more like private studio apartments. They’re required […]

Assisted Living and Personal Care

Assisted Living and Personal Care Get to know the similarities and differences. For many years people in Pennsylvania used the terms Assisted Living and Personal Care interchangeably. There didn’t seem to be any differences between the two. Things started to change and become clearer with the passing of Senate Bill 704. It established Assisted Living […]

Helping a loved one with memory loss — The many meanings of “R & R”

Did you know that the word “respite” comes from the Latin word for “respect?” As the English language has evolved, “respite” has come to mean an interval of rest or relief and — in a very real sense — a way of showing respect for yourself. This is especially true when you take a break […]

Spring … simply spring.

If you or a friend or a family member is thinking of moving to a retirement community soon, the arrival of spring is just one more reason to throw open the windows and start cleaning and decluttering. But, according to an article in U.S. News & World Report, no matter how close you are to […]

Your Path to Wellness, Part Two

Last month we began exploring the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, focusing on the emotional, physical and intellectual. This time, we’ll look at your potential for maximizing social, environmental, occupational and spiritual wellness. Social Wellness is about the give and take of relationships — from the lifelong friendships you cherish to all the new people who […]