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Your Path to Wellness, Part Two


Last month we began exploring the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, focusing on the emotional, physical and intellectual. This time, we’ll look at your potential for maximizing social, environmental, occupational and spiritual wellness.

Social Wellness is about the give and take of relationships — from the lifelong friendships you cherish to all the new people who enter your life. When your social wellness is in balance, you feel both supported and supportive.

Occupational Wellness is important throughout our lives. It’s whatever you spend most of your time doing, and it should feel meaningful, whether it’s volunteering, spending time with grandchildren, or pursuing work for pay.

Spiritual Wellness is about your own individual spiritual journey and how you seek meaning and purpose in life, your connection with the universe, and your relationship with a higher power, if you so choose. It also means clarifying beliefs and values so that you can truly live by them.

Environmental Wellness has been saved for last, because it is the one that is most often ignored. When your space is clean and clutter free, you feel better. You also feel better when you connect with nature and care for and about your natural environment.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these two articles exploring the seven dimensions of wellness. Simpson Meadows in Chester County reminds you that wellness is always a top priority here. Please give us a call soon; we’d love to help with any questions or concerns you may have, including the need for our superb memory Care and Assisted Living programs. Call (484) 364-3861 today.


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