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Your Path to Wellness, Part One


It’s a list you’ll find on just about every college and university website. You’ll even find it posted on bulletin boards in elementary schools. It’s the Seven Dimensions of Wellness. And, with a USA Today/ABC poll showing that maintaining their health is a top priority with three out of four today’s aging seniors, it’s a list well worth exploring.

Those seven dimensions are emotional, physical, intellectual, social, environmental, occupational and spiritual wellness. The path to wellness, however, is not in memorizing a list but in understanding how to apply each aspect to your way of life to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle at any age.  

Emotional Wellness is the perfect place to begin. Coming from within, it’s about how you deal with your feelings and cope with stress.  It’s also about becoming comfortable with who you are — and loving and taking good care of that person.  

Physical Wellness involves a lifelong quest for your optimum physical fitness. Not a rigid strict exercise and diet regimen, it is, instead, a quest for your ideal combination of exercise, diet, rest and hygiene.

Intellectual Wellness has been called the key to loving life. It’s the joy found in learning new things, finding new hobbies, acquiring new skills — the lifelong learning that increases your zest for life.

In Part Two of this article, we’ll explore the social, environmental, occupational and spiritual aspects of wellness.  In the meantime, Simpson Meadows in Chester County reminds you that wellness is always a top priority here. Please give us a call soon; we’d love to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Call (484) 364-3861 today.


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