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With so much else to do in the summer, who wants to cook?

These tips from US News are just plain smart, and work all year round, too. In short: Choose healthy food that is convenient, instead of “convenience food,” which is usually highly processed and high in sodium, fat and sugar.

1.  Dairy Delights. Yogurt, fat-reduced cheese and skim milk are all excellent sources of calcium and protein that are easy to grab without much preparation. Today’s yogurts come in so many types and flavors, there’s bound to be one that suits your palate today.

2. Protein Powerhouse. Rinse canned beans — kidney beans, garbanzo beans, black beans — and serve over easy-to-prepare whole grains like brown rice, along with a heated fresh or frozen vegetable. This complete protein vegetarian meal is also high in fiber, which helps your entire digestive system.

3.  Soup’s On! Heat-and-serve soups are also a great option for an easy lunch or dinner. Just be sure to read the label to keep sodium levels in check.

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