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Timing is almost everything. (Talking helps, too.)

Do you remember wondering if it was the right time to get married? To have your first child? To buy your first home?

Lifestyle choices after retirement can also present new opportunities and positive change. Some people decide it’s time to live closer to grandchildren, while others just want a change of scene or climate. And many are ready for the convenience and peace of mind that a retirement community can provide. We visited www.seniorliving.com — an online resource for older adults and their families — and came up with a few topics for open, meaningful discussions that can help you and your loved ones begin to think about and plan for the future.

How is their general health? Be alert to physical, emotional or mental changes, no matter how subtle.

Does there seem to be increasing difficulty performing everyday tasks or dealing with routine home maintenance? Or, more significantly, do they seem ready to shed the responsibilities of indoor and outdoor care of a home that may be larger than they actually need?

Does the house present challenges or risks, such as steep staircases, narrow doorways, hard-to-reach shelves or slippery floors?

Has their current neighborhood changed from when it was first chosen with love? Are old friends still nearby or have they already moved away?

Here at Simpson Meadows, a Chester County Continuing Care Retirement Community, we’re ready to assist and support your family in planning for a healthy, safe, and enjoyable future. Please give us a call soon; we’d love to help with any questions or concerns you may have, including the need for our superb Memory Care and Assisted Living programs. Call (484) 364-3462 or visit SimpsonMeadows.org.

Beyond Talk.

Here are some tips from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) on how to approach the inevitable downsizing:

1. Begin with deciding “who gets what.”
2. Clear out the “kid clutter” — mom and dad should not be the caretakers of your prom dress or report cards.
3. Start working in lesserused rooms; it won’t disrupt daily living as much.
4. Make decisions about the largest items first.
5. This is a process you can’t rush through. Patience wins the day.

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