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Memory loss: It’s on everyone’s mind.

Did you know that July 22 was “World Brain Day?” This year the medical community focused its attention on the aging brain at the World Federation of Neurology Conference in London. During the meeting, a host of advancements in research and treatment were unveiled and discussed, including the proven benefits of running on cognitive function — the exploration of antibodies that target the Alzheimer’s gene — and the hope of a potential Alzheimer’s vaccine.

Lowering the risk

There was also good news about factors that anyone can influence. For example, managing blood sugar levels and blood pressure can decrease the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s by a factor or two or three. This, in fact, can lower the risk of both dementia and strokes.

Benefit from a balanced diet

The benefits of a balanced diet with a lot of leafy vegetables, fruits and fish were also discussed as a strategy for keeping cholesterol levels low. And, though the specific influence of smoking on the development of dementia was not totally clarified, neurologists at the conference recommended giving up nicotine as well.

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