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Lessons from Julia Child on Mastering the Art of Aging.

Some believe that our best skills come by us naturally and start early. In reality, we can successfully take on new interests, skills, and hobbies at any age. Just look at Julia Child, the famed dame known for her bright personality and delicious French-inspired recipes — but did you know her first cookbook wasn’t published until age 50?

Child’s passion and enthusiasm launched her into culinary school when she was middle aged, beginning a vibrant career of cookbooks, shows, and classes. So, whether you’re 35 or 85, here are some more tips you can learn from the culinary queen:

Follow your passion. Child dedicated herself to learning French in order to communicate with other chefs. She faced many obstacles but never let that stop her from doing what she loved.

Have fun. At the heart of everything Child did was her love of cooking. Don’t start a new hobby with the goal to become an expert — just enjoy and have fun.

Keep at it. Child was dedicated to making time to learn the things that piqued her interest. Just remember: “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

Retirement communities encourage new passions at any age with classes and workshops available for residents. Maintenance-free living allows for the time to pursue new interests and passions. Simpson Meadows, located in Downingtown, offers a lending library, learning events, and a Community Room for movies, games, performances, lectures, and classes. (And if cooking isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we serve up delicious meals every day.) To find out more, contact a Simpson Meadows retirement counselor at 484-364-3462.




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